Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I was unable to read at the poetry slam again last night; 15 people signed up, 5 were chosen at random. Oh well...

Experiment wise, things are starting to shape up. I've finalized the poems I'll be shooting this week, and I'm renting a camera from CARTAH today, if all goes according to plan.

Thanks to Erik for the info on the spoken word class through Freehold theater - I'm signed up and I'm looking forward to it being really beneficial.

Areas I'm falling behind: New writing. I'm coming up against something of a block when trying to marry spoken word performance aesthetic with the artistic techniques and principles I've focused on for the last couple years... So far revising and reworking old poems has filled in some important gaps, but I want my thesis piece to be timely and original.

Just a matter of putting words on page, I suppose.