Thursday, January 14, 2010

Experiment Proposal

In preparation for my thesis (and partly just for fun) I'm going to read one new poem weekly at open mics around Seattle. Priority 1 will be reading at the Seattle Poetry Slam (Tuesdays 8:30 @ Re-bar); if my name doesn't get picked (or perhaps even if it does) I'll be trying to read at smaller open mics around campus. The goals here are to 1. practice my work in a public forum, 2. force myself to produce new material weekly, and 3. build momentum for my thesis.

In addition, I will produce a video sketch in response to a recording of one of these poems by February 4th. This sketch will be an experiment in imagery and animation in juxtaposition with spoken word. However, it won't necessarily be fully-fleshed, and will likely take a couple disparate artistic directions.

Nathan linked Gary Hill's "Around & About"; this is one approach to pairing image with word, and I think it's very fitting for the style of Hill's poem and the tone of his voice. However, as my performance will likely be livelier, punchier and more psychedelic, my video sketch should reflect this.

I won't be incorporating dance significantly at this stage - I don't feel I'm well-enough equipped to do it significantly.

Big thanks to Julia for introducing me to the unbelievable Buddy Wakefield and Andrea Gibson.

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