Friday, January 29, 2010


I arrived at last weeks poetry slam roughly thirty seconds too late to sign up for the open mic - I'll write something new for next week, but I guess I'll have to pick the best of the two.

Haven't been able to settle on a single poem to work into a video-based experiment, so I might do a couple quick video haikus, each pairing a couple different poetic moves with a couple different video and/or audio reflections. I hope to get a sense of what distracts from/heightens the poetic imagery, and what the effect of transitioning between styles will be (and how that can be pulled off gracefully).

Ideally I'll be able to use a high def camera with narrow dof, I want a similar feel to my scanner videos without the enormous time commitment and physical limitations...

  • Get CARTAH rental access for a 5D MK II (asap)
  • Finish poem & shot list (1/31)
  • Rent camera (2/1)
  • Shoot experiment (2/1 - 2/3)
  • Edit (2/4)

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