Saturday, March 6, 2010

Shooting Today

Uh... wow. I took the 5D Mk II skiing this weekend.

Just to make this really clear, I took pretty extreme safety measures with the camera (as the delicacy of the situation definitely warranted). Fortunately the day was totally clear, so I wasn't worried about precipitation, but I did transport the camera inside its foam-padded heavy duty case, which I wrapped in a thick cushioning jacket, which I stuffed into a waterproof backpack. And let me tell you, with the tripod and all, that crap was heavy.

I'm really happy with the shots I got, and I have to say I've kind of fallen in love with the tilt shift lens over the weekend. I mean straight up, unbridled, carnal love. CARTAH is going to be giving me some funny looks.

Seriously though, I really enjoyed having that level of control over the depth plane. I tried to avoid the oft-repeated 'miniature train set' tilt shift effect, mostly because I couldn't figure out how to accurately repeat it :P, but I quickly figured out the lens had far subtler, more interesting & beautiful applications. Here's a super-reduced quality preview of what I shot - it's my dad not talking on a ski lift. I also shot one from the other side of the ski lift (on a different run, no I did not attempt to shift seats mid ride). Both shots last about three minutes total.

Also got some drive by shots of the forest, might splice in a split second or two of those somewhere, really pretty but not strong enough to carry a piece.

Also took a lot of pictures, but UGH looks like it requires CS4 to edit the .cr2 files this camera produces. THANKS, CANON. YES, I TOTALLY HAVE $400 LYING AROUND.

To do: more work

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