Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hunkering down!

finally settled on a uniting thread/subject/theme I can really fully get behind, and this makes me rather excited. The format remains the same - video sketches (ditching the word 'haiku', it was kind of tainting everything I did) with subtitles I can read poetry / play recorded poetry over.

I'm writing about facets of my personality that control my life, by portraying them as superhuman abilities. In each sketch I will have a different ability. okay so time out There will be no masks or capes or special effects of any kind in the videos; the videos will be based not on the poems themselves but on the facets of my personality each poem describes. Okay so a quick rundown of the abilities I'm starting to settle on:
  • my power is to freeze myself at will for extended durations of time; I use it to make as small an impact on the world as superhumanly possible
  • i am a weeping, sorry sack of shit existing in a quantum superposition across the fifth dimension. at every choice or fork in my timeline I diverge and physically take both paths. therefore I live in the company of innumerable doppelgangers, many of whom are living happier, more successful lives.
  • my power is to speak faster than the speed of sound; I gesture with passion, but am rarely understood
I'm trying to settle on a fourth, between characters I am currently calling Captain Exercise and No Dick Man.


  • shot/edited one sketch. quality be damned.
  • draft of poem for the same sketch. if I have a final copy done I buy myself a steak.
  • shot/edited another sketch. again, quality can and will bite it.
  • finalized poem from 4/14.
  • test recordings of finalized poem.
  • super rough drafts of two new poems.
4/28 - Midterm Critique
  • shot/edited another sketch.
  • polished my favorite of the previous sketches.
  • PRESENT: All three current sketches, subtitled, with poetry performed live.
  • polish all existing work.
  • depending on time outlook/necessity: shoot/edit another sketch, draft a poem.
  • everything is done
5/19 - Final Critique
  • PRESENT: Three/four polished sketches, subtitled, with poetry performed live.
  • get drunk
  • doubt everything I have already done, get ulcers
6/1 - Exhibition Opening
  • there had better be an open bar
  • i'm serious

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  1. Perhaps Captain Exercise and/or No Dick Man could obtain a cameo from Wiggy? Seriously though, are there going to be non-Jason foils for some of these sketched out personality facets? Or will the division of identity be limited to the quantum doppelganger scene?

    Or is it going to be one of you per facet and nothing but that you for each sketch, with the divisions only happening in time, not space?