Friday, May 7, 2010

Genesis & Revelations

  • Interpretation of the Biblical book Genesis, from creation to the expulsion of Adam from the Garden
  • Each frame took ~30 seconds to scan
  • Wrote a simple script to automate the scanning process
  • Played at 30fps - 15mins of scanning per second
  • Many shots required uninterrupted action - on several occasions, spent 7 or 8 hours in a dark closet at a time. Became a meditative exercise.
  • First major work with scanner - used textures I felt would be interesting when scanned
  • Structurally, three sections each divided into three movements - taking the key moments from the Biblical creation story
  • Thematically, dealt with creation and division (God separating the sky from sea, sea from land, Man from the dirt, Man from the Garden, etc.)
  • Interpretation of the Biblical book of Revelation
  • Modified the script and scanning parameters to cut down scan time to ~15-20sec
  • Played at 20fps, didn't see a noticeable difference :P
  • Still spent around 5-6 hours per shot
  • Tried to complicate my work with the scanner - used objects that would change over time without my direct involvement (fire, cooling wax, a fish, etc)
  • Structurally, divided into seven sections each loosely dealing with one of the seven seals/cups/trumpets
  • Thematically, dealt with destruction and disaster - paired with Genesis, a diptych of the Biblical God creating something from nothing and then undoing his work

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